Bourne Again Bags

Gorgeous fabrics find new life in these unique bags:

Handmade bags, unique, personalised and made to order to your own specifications!
Aromatherapy York - Lavender

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After a lifetime of sewing and crafting, I began to make bags from clothes and curtain fabric, when I found that I could not bear to part with items made from really lovely fabric!

What started out as gifts for family and friends has become a small industry, as people started to commission me to make personalised bags.

So, you can specify the fabric, colour or fabric design, and I can also personalise the bag with a unique appliqué design as well, if you wish.

Please contact me if you have a specific requirement for a bag design: people often tell me that they need a bag for a specific purpose, e.g. for work, school, or holiday, and that leads us to discuss the fabric, pockets needed and so on.

If you have some special fabric of your own that you cannot bear to part with (e.g. children’s clothes) why not ask me to make something with it – bunting, a cushion or a special bag is a great way to save your memories!