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    Relaxation for a healthy body and mind
    Liz Buckles, MSc, MIFPA Holistic Aromatherapist



In our busy, hectic lives we all need to find ways to relax. Stress affects people in different ways: it is a very individual thing. Stressful life events are not necessarily to do with illness or unpleasant things: any kind of life change, such as getting married or moving house can be very stressful!

A certain amount of stress can be a good thing, but when it gets too much, it can have a huge impact on the body, on our physical and mental health. It may be acute, in response to a major life event, or cumulative, over a long period of time. 

It may be a physical stress or strain, such as sitting at a desk or driving for long periods which causes chronic pain. The effects of mental stress are varied: it might affect our sleeping patterns, our digestive system, or make the body less resistant to infections; it may cause tension and pain in the muscles, or a combination of these things. It can also make it more difficult to recover from illnesses or accidents. 

So it is very important that we take time to care for ourselves. Taking time to relax, even for short periods, gives the body a chance to recover, recharge and heal.

Aromatherapy can help you through any stressful life events, and help to reduce the cumulative effects of stress on your body.

Long term illness

Aromatherapy cannotcure illnesses as such, but it can change the way you cope with it, it can help to reduce pain, and by reducing stress it can help the healing process. Aromatherapy is safe to use with cancer, using only the oils which are known to be safe, and only during periods of your treatment when your doctor tells you it will be safe. If you are a carer for someone with a long term illness, taking time for yourself is vital not only for your needs, but also for your loved one.


There a few oils which are known to be safe to use in pregnancy, and massage with aromatic oils can be enormously beneficial in helping to deal with the physical effects on the pregnancy in a safe way. Then, it can be very beneficial for the parents to learn to massage their baby. The aromatherapist must undertake specialist training in order to work with pregnant women and babies.

Skin conditions

Aromatherapy massage oils are very beneficial for the skin, providing emollient properties and extra vitamins directly into the skin to help with healing. It is helpful for very dry skin, sunburn, and skin conditions such as eczema, and psoriasis.

Muscular aches and pains

Aromatherapy can help with muscular aches and pains cause by physical stress or repetitive movement, it can be beneficial with arthritic conditions and stiffness of joints and muscles. If you have an acute sports or back injury, however, you should consult a specialist, such as a physiotherapist.


Please contact me if you would like more advice on whether aromatherapy can help your specific needs. If I feel that it is not suitable for you, I will advise accordingly.

Also remember that aromatherapy is not intended to replace your current treatment plan. It is a complementary therapy, intended to work alongside conventional treatments. It is advisable that you seek advice from your doctor if you are unsure whether aromatherapy is safe for you.

Aromatherapy Oils

Liz Buckles, MSc, MIFPA Holistic Aromatherapist

Tel: 07921 574533

Aromatherapy Oils
Liz Buckles

Based in Huntington, close to York, I am a fully qualified Aromatherapist, with a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy.

I am a Member of the International
Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)

International Federation for Professional Aromatherapists

“I felt the whole experience was a two way process. It was good to be given different options for oils and then talk through the benefits of combinations. It really felt as if it was tailored to my exact needs. I was impressed by the level of knowledge of my therapist, and she was able to communicate it very well to me.”

“The blend smelled lovely, and was comforting, warming, exactly what I needed for my calf strain.”

“After the massage, the pain had virtually disappeared. This was my first ever massage and I was really impressed by the results.”

“I feel relaxed, less tense, muscles feel freer, head and shoulders feel lighter, and I feel more accepting and patient”.

“It was a very holistic experience”.

“The whole experience has been wonderful. Liz has a very confident and soothing touch. Her touch is firm and vey enjoyable. The choice of music also reflects the calming atmosphere. The warmth of the soft towels and ambience of the room is another lovely touch.”

“I particularly enjoyed the back, head and foot massages. Afterwards I felt much more relaxed and very comforted, and I felt very comfortable and safe throughout the treatment. The communication during the consultation was good and I liked being involved in the choice of oils. It was relaxing, calming and made me feel happy.”

 “I particularly liked the fact that you made sure I was warm, by covering the parts of me that weren’t being massaged, and that you discussed the choice of oils with me.”

"Thanks for all the wonderful relaxing aromatherapy sessions. it really has helped me a lot, especially with you being such a good listener as well. in the early days when I was really anxious and stressed, I probably really bent your ear, so thanks!"

"You really helped me with my leg - got me back to walking again!"

"That was a fascinating talk, thank you."

"I really enjoyed your talk, so interesting!"

"I just wanted to send a brief note of thanks for your very kind time and expertise you shared at our monthly team meeting in York on Thursday. It was a fascinating talk, masterfully squeezed into the short 30 minute window we had available. The team enjoyed the session and found the information incredibly helpful so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get some follow-up queries."

“Many thanks for the massage oil mix, I really like the aroma of the oils you mixed for me, I found them very subtle, probably because I’ve been using neat lavender oil on my pillow but now I have used them a few nights the aromas are becoming more apparent and I do seem to be having more settled nights, I still wake throughout the night but that is the discomfort in my legs but I do go back to sleep now, a huge improvement . Thank you.”