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  • Aromatherapy Massage


    Relaxation for a healthy body and mind
    Liz Buckles, MSc, MIFPA Holistic Aromatherapist


The first session starts with a consultation in which you are fully involved, to find a blend of essential oils and a treatment approach that is unique to your individual needs, including the emotional, spiritual, mental as well as physical aspects of your health, because they are so interrelated.

A full body massage takes about 70 minutes using a variety of massage strokes and techniques. Beautiful relaxing music completes the sensory experience.

The full body massage includes a head massage, back and front of the body, as well as feet and hands, although shorter massages in any combination are possible, according to your wishes and needs. You will be treated with empathy, confidentiality and care, so that you feel deeply relaxed and truly cared for during your session.

Sometimes you will be given a blend of oils to take home and use, for steam inhalation, in the bath, or home massage.

If you have been suffering with a cold or flu symptoms, it may not be appropriate to carry out a massage, as this could result in spreading the infection around the body.

This holistic approach that I use is inherent in the art of blending oils for the individual, and with the involvement of that individual person. Some aromatherapists use ready made blends, or a single oil in their massage, but this is not the legacy left behind by French Aromatherapist Margueritte Maury: she was the first person to discover the benefits of combining the properties of essential oils in vegetable carrier oils, and that by applying them to the body through massage, they enhanced the therapeutic effects of the massage. Furthermore, she realised that because no two people were alike, an individual therapeutic blend would be necessary. 

I have often found when working with my clients their surprise, and pleasure, at being involved in the choosing of their blend: it is a part of the therapeutic process, which in itself can bring about an understanding of themselves, and some healing too. Aromatherapy as a holistic approach embraces not only the principles of massage and aromatic blending, though: it also means for me as a therapist, having an understanding of the individual, their way of life, their psychology and spirituality, as well as their presenting physical symptoms. 

Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy Oils

Liz Buckles, MSc, MIFPA Holistic Aromatherapist

Tel: 07921 574533

Aromatherapy Oils
Liz Buckles

Based in Huntington, close to York, I am a fully qualified Aromatherapist, with a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy.

I am a Member of the International
Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)

International Federation for Professional Aromatherapists

“I felt the whole experience was a two way process. It was good to be given different options for oils and then talk through the benefits of combinations. It really felt as if it was tailored to my exact needs. I was impressed by the level of knowledge of my therapist, and she was able to communicate it very well to me.”

“The blend smelled lovely, and was comforting, warming, exactly what I needed for my calf strain.”

“After the massage, the pain had virtually disappeared. This was my first ever massage and I was really impressed by the results.”

“I feel relaxed, less tense, muscles feel freer, head and shoulders feel lighter, and I feel more accepting and patient”.

“It was a very holistic experience”.

“The whole experience has been wonderful. Liz has a very confident and soothing touch. Her touch is firm and vey enjoyable. The choice of music also reflects the calming atmosphere. The warmth of the soft towels and ambience of the room is another lovely touch.”

“I particularly enjoyed the back, head and foot massages. Afterwards I felt much more relaxed and very comforted, and I felt very comfortable and safe throughout the treatment. The communication during the consultation was good and I liked being involved in the choice of oils. It was relaxing, calming and made me feel happy.”

 “I particularly liked the fact that you made sure I was warm, by covering the parts of me that weren’t being massaged, and that you discussed the choice of oils with me.”

"Thanks for all the wonderful relaxing aromatherapy sessions. it really has helped me a lot, especially with you being such a good listener as well. in the early days when I was really anxious and stressed, I probably really bent your ear, so thanks!"

"You really helped me with my leg - got me back to walking again!"

"That was a fascinating talk, thank you."

"I really enjoyed your talk, so interesting!"

"I just wanted to send a brief note of thanks for your very kind time and expertise you shared at our monthly team meeting in York on Thursday. It was a fascinating talk, masterfully squeezed into the short 30 minute window we had available. The team enjoyed the session and found the information incredibly helpful so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get some follow-up queries."

“Many thanks for the massage oil mix, I really like the aroma of the oils you mixed for me, I found them very subtle, probably because I’ve been using neat lavender oil on my pillow but now I have used them a few nights the aromas are becoming more apparent and I do seem to be having more settled nights, I still wake throughout the night but that is the discomfort in my legs but I do go back to sleep now, a huge improvement . Thank you.”


Treatments available:

  • Full Body Massage
  • 75 minutes full body massage £45

    60 minutes full body massage £40

  • 75 minutes

    60 minutes

  • Whether you choose a 75 minute massage or a 60 minute massage, you will experience the ultimate in deep relaxation: this massage is sublime!

  • Part Body Massage
  • £35

  • 45 minutes

  • A focused massage, which concentrates on a specific area of the body, which may be causing particular problems: for example, you may prefer a massage of  back neck and shoulders, or legs, or head massage

At your first appointment, there will be a consultation in which any medical conditions, medication and emotional, spiritual and physical needs are noted. This is important to ensure that the correct blend of oils is chosen for your needs.

You will be given time after your massage to come round, with a glass of water, or cup of herbal tea, if you prefer, so please make sure you take this into account when booking your massage.

Other bespoke treatments and services available:

  • Bottle of bespoke aromatic massage oil (30ml), including  30 minute online consultation  - £25, including postage and packing
  • Bottle of bespoke shampoo, shower gel, or hand soap (200 ml): also available following a consultation, which will include your recommended blend of essential oils - £10